Plagiarizing and My Halloweeen Poem

Activity 1

What is plagiarizing? Well, plagiarizing is when you take something off the internet, from a book, or anywhere you find information, and say it is your own. Plagiarizing is illegal. In college, if you are caught doing it, you can be thrown out.Image result for plagiarism clipart Plagiarizing isn’t just copying words, though. You can plagiarize images off a website, or videos, too. Always be careful when taking things off the internet. If you need a picture off the internet, though, there is still a way to do it. One is to use Compfight. Another is to cite your source. This sounds complicated, but it is actually really easy. After you put your picture on, at the bottom, copy and paste the website URL and say that this is where you got your source. Thanks for reading!

I got my picture here

Activity 2

Knock, knock, hear my fist knocking on the cold, hard, black wood

waiting for the tall door to swing open,

a person in the door way,

with candy in their hand.

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I wait, and wait and wait.

No answer. Instead, cold, dead, silence.

I look inside my empty candy bag,

And keep on walking.

I found my picture here





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