Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Since social media is becoming very popular, it brings up the question: should what you say on social media become grounds for getting kicked out of your extracurriculars? And I think the answer is very clear; no. First of all, it takes away our freedom of speech. Our first amendment states that we can say what we want without being prosecuted, and while this doesn’t mean we can threaten others with no consequence, it does mean that students shouldn’t have to worry about what their coach or teacher thinks about their post. Second of all, if a student is having a bad day, then they might write something negative purely out of anger, and their coach wouldn’t know. In 2010, Christine Rubino, a 5th-grade teacher wrote something offensive about her students after a sixth grader drowned at a class outing at a beach. She wrote, “After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my fifth graders. I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn!” This was quoted by Michael Gonchar. Mrs. Rubino herself stated, according to the Huffington Post, that she wrote it out of pure anger for her students, who wouldn’t listen that day and repeatedly disrupted her class. Finally, teachers or coaches might see something rude or offensive while the student that posted it means something else. Your dance team might’ve lost a competition because someone messed up, but you aren’t mad, and no one else is, either. But then you post a joke about it on Instagram, and then your coach gets mad, but it wouldn’t be fair. For these reasons and more, I believe you shouldn’t be kicked off your extracurriculars for social media posts.

The Lion King Hero

The Lion King is a very popular Disney movie, and the main character is the lion Simba. He portrays the role of a hero of many ways, and is the epitomy of what a hero should be. But, who is your heroMine is my grandpa. He was in the military. First of all, my grandpa never gave up until it was a matter of life and death. One time, he hurt his foot very badly when he was fighting in Afghanistan, but he never gave up. He kept fighting until it was absolutely impossible for him to walk. This is just like in Lion King where Mufasa kept fighting to try to get Simba out of the stampede, and he kept trying until he died. Second of all, my grandpa is very caring. If someone around him ever got hurt, he put their safety before his. Finally, he is very brave. One time in India, we were walking through a forest, and a rattlesnake came very close to us. I was terrified, but my grandpa simply grabbed it and slammed it down onto the ground, killing it. This is just like in the Lion King where Mufasa saves Simba and Nala from the hyenas by scaring them away, and by showing no fear. For these reasons and more, my grandpa is my hero.

My Top 3 Favorite Places!

Me and my family travel all the time. We’ve traveled from California all the way to the tip of India! But, if I had to pick2, I would probably pick California and India I love these places because of the people, places, food, art, architecture, and beauty. Keep reading to find out why I love these 2 places.

I love California for three reasons. They are the people, places, and art. I love the people there because they are always super friendly. No matter what, they always smile at you. Secondly, the places are awesome. I love Disneyland, of course! I also love Venice Beach and Hollywood. All three were great experiences for me. Finaly, I love the art. When I was in California, I went to The Getty, the coolest art museum in Los Angeles. It is really big, and it has lots of cool pictures, like Vincent Van Gogh’s Irisesand Claude Monet’s Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light. This is why I like California.


I also love India. First of all, it’s where all my cousins are! Since I’m from India, I have been there A LOT! Secondly, I love the food. Most of the food that my grandma makes is American food with spice, and lots of it. Did you know that any McDonalds you go to in India has spicy chicken tenders? You also have the option to get spicy fries, and spicy chips! In a KFC in India, they offer Masala Popcorn Chicken, which is tiny chicken tenders coated with Masala, a spice in India. Finally, I love the beauty. The lakes are gorgeous, the grass is always green and the native plants are beautiful. That’s why I like India. 

Thanks for reading my blog! see you next time!

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20% Project Progress

Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be telling you guys about my 20% project with my partner, Skylar. For our 20% project, we are taking videos and pictures of animals at different shleters and putting them up on their website. We have to accomplish major things, and one of them that we accomplished is finding a shelter to work with. This may not sound like a big accomplishment, but for us it is, because there aren’t many shelters that need the things that we are trying to do. We will be working with SPCA. I feel happy that we found a place because we want to help them, and now we have a chance.

Since we changed our shelter, we had to change our goals, too. Our new goals are:  to go to SPCA, meet the people we will be working with, and help them out once a week.  We are very excited for our project. We love animals, and we can’t wait to start helping them. Thanks for reading my blog. See you next time!

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My Favorite Holiday: Christmas!!


What’s your favorite holiday? Mine’s Christmas! But, it isn’t just for the presents. It is for the food, traditions, and the fun time I spend with my family. First of all, the food is great. My mom is an amazing cook, and sometimes my dad helps her. My dad is usually the one that burns things, though. (He may be a good chemist, but he is definitely not a good cook.) My dad can make really good chicken, though, and my mom makes really good ham. Next, she makes great mashed potatoes. We also have rolls, butter, strawberries, salad, and lots of fruit. After dinner we all get a cupcake, and my parents make them. In me and my brothers’ cupcake, there is a small present, like a necklace, or money, or a gift card or something. This is just one of the many reasons I love Christmas.

The second reason I love Christmas is our great traditions. First, we wake up and my mom makes some delicious toast and christmas cookies. Then, she makes each of us a pancake that is shaped the way we want it. After that, we give my dad his birthday presents, because his birthday is on Christmas. Our church is very far away, so we usually go the day after or the day before Christmas. After we are finished giving my dad his presents and he opens them, we get to open our presents. My brother is 16 and I’m 11, so we don’t believe Santa. We just get presents from our parents, aunts, and uncles. My grandparents don’t live in America, so we don’t usually get presents from them until we go to India. After we open our presents, it is usually around 11:30. Until lunch, we just use our presents and talk to our grandparents. Then at around 12:30, we eat lunch, which is what I talked about in my other paragraph. After lunch, we watch our favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone. After that, the rest of the day is basically free, and we can do whatever we want. My traditions are the second reason that I love Christmas.

The third and final reason I love Christmas is the fun time I spend with my family. I love all our great traditions that we have, because we always spend time together. My brother, dad, and mom are all funny and nice. We laugh a lot on Christmas. That is my favorite part. I am very happy and blessed to be with my family, because I know a lot of people have parents who are divorced, or parents that are not always there. My family spends a lot of time together on CHristmas, like when we make the cookies, or when we are watching our movie. This is my third and final reason I love Christmas.

Now you know why Christmas is my favorite holiday. My food, traditions, and family fun all make it the best. Thanks for reading my blog. See you next time!

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Helping the Animals!

For my 20% project, me and my partner, Skylar, are going to different animal shelters, taking pictures and videos, and uploading them to the shelters’ website. I am very nervous about my project, because I don’t want to mess up. I want the animals the animals to benefit from our project, so I hope everything goes well. On the other hand though, I am also very excited, because I love animals and I feel bad for the fact that they don’t have a home and I do. I also feel really happy about our project because we get an opportunity to give animals new homes where they can be loved in a new family.

We have lots of deadlines for the month of November. By the end of November, we want to have gone to our shelter at least once or twice. We called the animal shelter, but the person that we need to talk to isn’t there, so we are planning to get in touch with her today. We are going to ask our parents to drive us, and we are going to start our project.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

If I Lead My School…

If I was the principal at my school, then I would totally change many things. First of all, I would change the dress code. Last year, we were allowed to wear leggings. This year in middle school, we aren’t. I would change this because some people say that leggings are inappropriate, but as long as our shirt is an appropriate length. Secondly I would let us sit anywhere in the whole cafeteria. In our school, we have 3 families. We can only sit with them. I would make it so that we could sit anywhere, because we work hard at school and so we deserve to sit with our friends.


If I was a teacher, I would make a couple changes, too. First of all, I would give a little less homework. Although homework is necessary, I would give less because when all of our teachers give us a lot of homework, we just get piled with it. Secondly, I would give every assignment online. I would do this for two reasons. One, it saves paper. Everyone at school has a Chromebook, so everyone would get one and it would save a lot of trees. Second, it makes it almost impossible to lose our assignments. Since we all also have school accounts, we can work on them anywhere, anytime if we have internet and we always do. This would make it less likely for people to misplace homework and other things.


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My Favorite Dog Breed!

*    Hi, and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be talking about my favorite dog breed, beagles! I have my own, and we got him just before school started. his name P.K, and he is 4 months old. Beagles are very smart, loving, loyal, and in general, the most amazing dogs. While they can be a little stubborn and noisy, they make it up with their cuteness and loyalty!


     Training usually tends to be the hardest thing a puppy owner has to deal with. Beagles, however, make it a little easier. Like I said before, beagles are very smart. It took my puppy a week to crate train, three weeks to potty train, and two weeks to learn sit, stay, roll over, stand, and to give us his hand. Now let me explain what these are. Crate training is training your puppy not to use the bathroom in his cage. As much as you want to give your puppy as much room in his/her cage as you can, you shouldn’t. Their cage should only be big enough so they can stand up and turn around, and sleep. The reason is if you don’t, then your puppy will use the bathroom on one end, and sleep on the other. There are many ways to potty train your puppy. The easiest one, in my opinion, is called bell training. It is really simple, because all you have to do is attach a bell to your screen door. When you take your puppy out, make him/her ring the bell. after a while, your puppy will associate the bell with outside, and he/she will ring the bell. Sit, stay, roll over, stand, and giving us their hand are all simple command that you can teach your dog so if he/she tries to chase something, you can just tell them to sit or stay and they will do it.

How to Train

     The best way to train your puppy is to encourage him. Saying things like, “Good job!” or “Good boy/girl!” encourages them to always do that. When you are training your puppy with commands, offer them treats. This makes them think that they will get a reward. By the time you stop giving them treats, it will be a habit for them.

Beagle Tips & Facts

      Beagles can sense emotions. If you are excited, they want to be excited with you. If you are sad, then they will try to cheer you up by licking you. They are also unbearably cute! They also have an amazing sense of smell.

That’s all for today. Comment down below if you have any questions. See you next time!

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Plagiarizing and My Halloweeen Poem

Activity 1

What is plagiarizing? Well, plagiarizing is when you take something off the internet, from a book, or anywhere you find information, and say it is your own. Plagiarizing is illegal. In college, if you are caught doing it, you can be thrown out.Image result for plagiarism clipart Plagiarizing isn’t just copying words, though. You can plagiarize images off a website, or videos, too. Always be careful when taking things off the internet. If you need a picture off the internet, though, there is still a way to do it. One is to use Compfight. Another is to cite your source. This sounds complicated, but it is actually really easy. After you put your picture on, at the bottom, copy and paste the website URL and say that this is where you got your source. Thanks for reading!

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Activity 2

Knock, knock, hear my fist knocking on the cold, hard, black wood

waiting for the tall door to swing open,

a person in the door way,

with candy in their hand.

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I wait, and wait and wait.

No answer. Instead, cold, dead, silence.

I look inside my empty candy bag,

And keep on walking.

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Commenting Challenge

For this week’s blogging challenge, we had to make a page on how to comment, comment on someone else’s blog, and then write about it. Here is what my comment looked like:

Hi Kyndal,
My name is Maya. I did the same post on my blog.I had some of your tips. I wanted to comment to you because I just wanted to tell you that I loved how you used big words, and it really makes you blog look professional. Please take time to look at my blog,

I chose to comment on Kyndal’s blog because like I said in my comment, it was really professional. We both had some of the same tips, and so we probably had the same ideas. I left the comment I left because I wanted to tell her that I liked how professional she was and that she was a good writer.

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